Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why ?

Why do people write blogs?I don’t know the answer. But to look simply there can only be 2 reasons.
1.To say something about yourselves,
2.To say something about others.
I don’t know why I started writing mine. Now, to the point. I m writing this blog of mine after a gap of I don't know how long ( because I don’t want to check the last post's time and day , please pardon me. **)
** The above pardon is written, if someone actually read the crap I write.
Now, about my self. I am searching for a website or some data storage place where I can put down my pondering and wondering in writing or in media understable by the human race. Well that’s easy, some one will think, there are lots of solutions. But the problem is I want that to get to the concerned people after some time. Like a future date is mentioned only after that day media will be made known. Not that I have something to confess. Then why?
Now comes the second point : about others. There are things I wanna say to people concerned to me or related to me and likewise. Again, why I cant say those things to them now only. Its my idea and/or way of thinking. I don’t praise people in front of them. And I have nothing to say against anyone. So, that’s the only answer to the “why?”. So I am still searching for that place.
After finishing this blog, I did a revision. So then I realized I had missed something.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not a lyrics or a poem

Deep down the darkness

I wander alone, withering away

Looking for the light to show me the way

But alas, I m already burnt out and faded

There is no fuel left,

I’ve been left stranded in this search, jaded

Coz the thing that can sail me through

Is it the same what I’m looking for?

I don’t know when it’s going to stop

This reeling that I feel in my head

I’m waiting for may be when I’m dead.

I’m falling unstopped in a tailspin

The explosion is inevitable

It’s just being delayed

Like a black hole I’m contracting within

Monday, August 17, 2009

My affair gone public

It’s my first blog for two months. Exam and travelling kept me busy and then something else.

It started on pichle mahine ki 26 ko. I and my friend had the taste of marijuana @ home for the first time. Hindi department of the University campus used to be our hang out place for sutta. So it was an automatic choice for joint too. The place is quiet and full of greenery. One day we were sitting in shade at the road side. The road is not used often so there were not many people passing by. So we were smoking and enjoying, expecting no one is going to come here who knows us. After some sutta the joint was between my fingers when my friend whispered "Look who is coming." I swallowed the smoke at the sight of our neighborhood uncle. Uncle was riding pillion on some bike but thanks to the plants and trees we managed to dodge his sight. This was the time when ideally one should have left that place and gone somewhere else to finish the fag. But that’s not us. We finished the joint, got up and went to buy few more sutta. We knew that after a while he will be leaving the department soon and will be returning through that road only. But by that time were flying high and cared for nothing (one of many good things of marijuana or ganja).So we were back at our seats and started session-II. Inevitably the moment came when uncle returned and this time there were no green shield to guard us. He had a good look at us. May be at first he didn’t believe what he saw so he confirmed it by looking back at us repeatedly till we were out of his sight. After he was gone, we thought about what just happened. We panicked at first but after a whike felt relaxed thinking that he might be thinking that we were smoking when actually we were doing one step up. So, no problem.

After a couple of days uncle was at my house, and unfortunately I was at home so had to face him. Quite expectedly he brought up that issue and during some lighter talks he told my mom “I saw him hanging out with friends near the Hindi department” at this point I waited for the next words to come out of him as those were going to be the words which ruined my ideal boy image but seems he didn’t notice us with sutta and he added “that place is also known as Lovers Point, so you better ask him if he is seeing someone”. lol

While smoking joints I was content that even if someone sees us like this , just our smoking won’t be a secret anymore but never in my wildest dreams had I thought that this will be concluded out of my joint session.

Next day we had a good laugh.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Date with myself

So here I was, travelling to Kolkata and Mumbai and back home. After having a few drinks with Sarraf I thought I’ll stay awake to catch my flight, but luckily I fell asleep and had some rest. The first day in Mumbai was a little too hectic. The only rest I got was in the morning on my way to Mumbai. After that had a day of running around in Mumbai to get some work done at the last hour. The insane crowd insured that I didn’t get a date for my exam in June, so now all I can do is to hope that I get it in July. After a long time I bought some books and felt just like old days going through them. “Many Lives Many Masters” was a good read but with very few new things. Anyways since it was Rohit’s recommendation I had go through it. And I am posting this blog taking my time out of reading “The Kite Runner”.
Apart from re-uniting me with my habit of spending time with books, this journey kept me away from most of the things that kept me occupied and gave me a good time to spend just with me. The debate with me, about myself was something I hadn’t in a long time. And the wait was worth it. Went through days and years from past, it was like reading pages from my diary. Remembered the good times and so did the tough ones. It reminded me of my lines:
Memory is what?
It is also a kind of magic. It makes you relive the events that happened to you.
Its like time travel, you can slow the time, go back, watch the things that happened, and you can come back. B
ut, the only problem is like you can’t really change things that have already happened, like u can do that theoretically in a time travel.
Not that I wanted to or want to change anything but reliving those moments certainly helps in analysis sometimes. 
The good thing about tough times (there is no time as BAD time) is that they let us know with whom we are going to spend the good times when they return and sure they will, as they have always.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Impression : The last Impression??? ... Well, not always

It was a short stop on our way to Bangalore. So we three decided to take a look at the city. 3 hours, a metro ride and some roaming around later I came to the conclusion that this is not a city I would like to visit again. That was my short visit to The City of Joy, Kolkata.

6 years later, today, the perception has changed. It was not love at first sight but slowly but surely I have come to like this city. While getting my document all ready to get them transferred I came to realize that now I am being disconnected from this city. Well, anyway I was not to be here for the next one and half year or so, but still the feeling lingered. And these moments are not me and my college, strangely it was me standing still and watching the soul of Kolkata rushing past me.

The fun filled outings in city, those late night parties at rest/bars whose list is endless .Returning back all senseless and drunk.

Asking addresses from strangers and when telling them” Aami bangla bujhte pari na”, their attempt at translating their answer into Hindi.

Our abuses for the crazy climate of the city. The heat was bearable but the humidity was a word that we came to abhor over the years. It was just too much.

The torturous bus rides, serene tram experience and the hustling metro trips. Not to forget the ferry rides and watching the sun settling down slowly.

Watching people standing in bus queue, for almost an hour, to get a seat in the next bus. Even till today I haven’t understood why they stand for so long to have an hour ride back home sitting. One of the most interesting scenes - whoever got seat in bus would fall asleep no matter if its journey to office in the morning or they are returning home.

The most famous one liner about Kolkata that I heard, “if you can’t get a girl in Kolkata you can never get a girl at any other place”. Well, I never agreed to this theory but my friends had enough instances to prove that adage.

The Adda culture of Kolkata is something thats sets the mood of the city. Groups of various age groups hanging out together in their locality was a sight.

I had just left MMD, had light a smoke that these memories came flooding and the rain just added that much drama into it. It felt like the rain is soaking me to the core. I was happy for there was no sight of taxi on my way back. But as Tanta and Dharam wanted to avoid rain, pretty sadly I had to return by taxi. Again I left taxi at their place and started my last leg of walk in the rain of Kolkata. Also had one last dig at not to be forgotten, tasty golgappas .

As my walk came to end the rain stopped and the sense of nostalgia was taken over by the memory of my first short stop at the city. I laughed and thought “How wrong first impressions could be.”

Whoever said that First impression was the last impression , was certainly out of his mind.

Monday, May 11, 2009

in the flying zone

This is a post where i'm gonna put just few things ........

like some blah blah blah of mine

not general thoughts ....its for thoughts i dont get usually ... its only after when i m flying high that i get into something unreal and ........
where u can laugh, cry, frawn,moan,weep,shout, etc. etc..
even without the presence of perons,events, location etc, etc,.

it took me a long time to post this msg, atleast thats what the clock is telling. but i feel like i types this msg in usual tym ......

is it that i am experiencing some "Time Warp". Am i seeing things in faster or slower motion or faster...

coz right now i can see the rotation of the fan like its revolving very slowly. or the speed of the ball like its been thrown at 1/100th of its speed ... 
and things like that

but at the same time i m also seeing slower things/evens in faster motion
like a day.or month or year or decade passed in such a hurry that i cudnt see it zooming past .. and so i dont remember them ... 

so this is real fun i remmbr sumthng new n forgettng... for a monent ..... some orld things

i said forgetting for a moment
coz i know aafter a while, when i ll back from my flying excercise

i hv tried real hard to use the correct keys in ma kyboard to avoid major typos ........

Thank you All

~Written while Flying

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Love You

Take a gun
And shoot my head
But say 'I love you'
Before I'm dead

Don't let me leave
Thinking it's a lie
Just say 'I love you'
Before I die

Take my body
Burry it in peace
But say 'I love you'
Before I cease

Come and Visit
Day by day
But say 'I love you'
As you walk away

Don't let them think
You did it in hate
You said 'I love you'
This was my fate

You did it in love
Just like I asked
You said 'I love you'
As I passed

~ Michelle Pope

Friday, May 1, 2009

Good luck Mexico!

Swine flu !!!!!!!!

Frankly speaking I had never heard about this epidemic before. My never falling sick, in my memory, has made me a little over-confident and I still don't know what this disease is all bout or its symptoms and cure or precaution. But still I am scared. Scared for her

Mexico has been the worst hit Country as of now. I feel sorry for the people of Mexico. So friendly, so welcoming.They try their best to make you feel at home. Salina Cruz was the city I visited there.

Its not developed enough to be compared to the metros of India but has all the necessary infrastructure and entertainment facilities. Going to the FOR-EX to get Mexican pesos was the best start I could have. We got almost 10 Pesos for 1 USD and the count of currency going 10 times is always welcome.

The memories of me sitting with my colleagues is so clear that it still seems to have happened only few weeks away. Not being an English colony, English speaking people are very rare there. 3 months of my Spanish classes did help me a bit but still it was their eagrness to help us made our time more enjoyable. Drinking beer till loosing my senses was amazing. I didn't have much time to see monuments or places so the beer spree was the almost all that made my leave their memorable. Well i said almost....

Latinas are certainly one of the most beautiful girls in the world. I had to buy accessories so went to a mobile shop. But i didn't buy any thing. That girl in the Mobile shop talking to me endlessly and we not understanding a single word, b'coz I was not listening to, or rather I should say was not able to listen to what she was saying. That was the only thing that happened there, exchange of names and greeting were some of the things that went as they should.

Standing there I was running out of adjectives to describe how beautiful she was. And then I came to the conclusion that "Not only my Spanish but my English is also pathetic !!

Señorita!! Deseo que usted sea seguro y sonriente, la manera que usted todavía sonríe en mis memorias.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So, finally court sat down and the long awated "Kasab Trial" begun. Everyone knows that he is guilty but as the Law of land goes he should be allowd a fair trail. The end result is known that he will be convicted, but the trial will be a more lawfull way to punish for what he has done.

As needed, Kasab was appointed a lawyer by the honourable court, that too after much drama. Kazmi has been appointed as a Lawyer to defend Kasab, which by any mean is an almost impossible task, but he took it. I dont know the reason if he did that as a challange or just a publicity gimmik, coz it doesnt matter.
First working day of the new appointed lawyer and he drops a bombshell by bring up the issue of Kasab being a juvenile. It was so bookish, like in the movies or stories.
For goodness sake, what the hell was he thinking? And now that the Medical reports are out he is accusing the preocedure and wants a re-examination.
Is defending someone means cooking up stories or making falls claims ? 

But i guess thats what people have turned a profession of Law into.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lahore to South Africa

IPL dates were announced. I felt happy, b'coz last time I was busy criss-crossing the Atlantic and was enjoying my days visting Europe and N. America. Only respite, I was not discovering the continent.
Getting to know the score updates on internet was my only way to feel that I am also a cricket fan.

Since I missed the fun last time , I was all prepared to attend the fire-works at Eden gardens, and not being much of a KKR fan was ready to roam around India to catch other teams playing. But...
As we know , Election dates were announced which clashed with IPL. More so, it was the rally dates which clashed with the match days in various cities, and was posing a big threat for the Political Parties, as far as the attendence in these rallies were concerned.
Then happened the attack on the SL cricket team in pakistan, and IPL was thrown out of India, its place of birth and where it belongs.
As I was doing nothing those days, my mind worked over time to cook up a consipiracy theory, and the questin started banging my head.

Do our political parties have anything to do with The Attack on Cricket in Lahore? So as to get the secutity excuse to sideline IPL, which was posing a threat to their pre-poll dramas and show-offs??

I know readers might think that its nothing but an overreaction of a deprived and frustrated cricket fan, but I must remind them that our politicians are second to none if its doing bad we are talking about.

I, being optimistic, am somewhat happy also that atleast this might be something our political parties agreed upon unanimously.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Highest Paid ........ but why?

Chennai S Kings y'day had snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against Delhi Devils. Flintoff and Morkel find theselves lucky that Hayden left thm alive after the match. Thnx to KKR n RR got to see a mach whre a team went down fighting.

Today when BRC were batting i was chatting with my friend. KP got out, being from B'lore my frnd felt sad and quipped "Highly played players are all". I told her not to say that for Flintoff  coz y'dat he played really well for Delhi Daredevils.
She added if thats the case than KP is playing well against all the teams. hehe
and finaly she concluded "Since they are performing in all the matches is that why they are highest paid.?"
It was casual talk but the question sounds serious.