Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So, finally court sat down and the long awated "Kasab Trial" begun. Everyone knows that he is guilty but as the Law of land goes he should be allowd a fair trail. The end result is known that he will be convicted, but the trial will be a more lawfull way to punish for what he has done.

As needed, Kasab was appointed a lawyer by the honourable court, that too after much drama. Kazmi has been appointed as a Lawyer to defend Kasab, which by any mean is an almost impossible task, but he took it. I dont know the reason if he did that as a challange or just a publicity gimmik, coz it doesnt matter.
First working day of the new appointed lawyer and he drops a bombshell by bring up the issue of Kasab being a juvenile. It was so bookish, like in the movies or stories.
For goodness sake, what the hell was he thinking? And now that the Medical reports are out he is accusing the preocedure and wants a re-examination.
Is defending someone means cooking up stories or making falls claims ? 

But i guess thats what people have turned a profession of Law into.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lahore to South Africa

IPL dates were announced. I felt happy, b'coz last time I was busy criss-crossing the Atlantic and was enjoying my days visting Europe and N. America. Only respite, I was not discovering the continent.
Getting to know the score updates on internet was my only way to feel that I am also a cricket fan.

Since I missed the fun last time , I was all prepared to attend the fire-works at Eden gardens, and not being much of a KKR fan was ready to roam around India to catch other teams playing. But...
As we know , Election dates were announced which clashed with IPL. More so, it was the rally dates which clashed with the match days in various cities, and was posing a big threat for the Political Parties, as far as the attendence in these rallies were concerned.
Then happened the attack on the SL cricket team in pakistan, and IPL was thrown out of India, its place of birth and where it belongs.
As I was doing nothing those days, my mind worked over time to cook up a consipiracy theory, and the questin started banging my head.

Do our political parties have anything to do with The Attack on Cricket in Lahore? So as to get the secutity excuse to sideline IPL, which was posing a threat to their pre-poll dramas and show-offs??

I know readers might think that its nothing but an overreaction of a deprived and frustrated cricket fan, but I must remind them that our politicians are second to none if its doing bad we are talking about.

I, being optimistic, am somewhat happy also that atleast this might be something our political parties agreed upon unanimously.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Highest Paid ........ but why?

Chennai S Kings y'day had snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against Delhi Devils. Flintoff and Morkel find theselves lucky that Hayden left thm alive after the match. Thnx to KKR n RR got to see a mach whre a team went down fighting.

Today when BRC were batting i was chatting with my friend. KP got out, being from B'lore my frnd felt sad and quipped "Highly played players are all". I told her not to say that for Flintoff  coz y'dat he played really well for Delhi Daredevils.
She added if thats the case than KP is playing well against all the teams. hehe
and finaly she concluded "Since they are performing in all the matches is that why they are highest paid.?"
It was casual talk but the question sounds serious.