Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Love You

Take a gun
And shoot my head
But say 'I love you'
Before I'm dead

Don't let me leave
Thinking it's a lie
Just say 'I love you'
Before I die

Take my body
Burry it in peace
But say 'I love you'
Before I cease

Come and Visit
Day by day
But say 'I love you'
As you walk away

Don't let them think
You did it in hate
You said 'I love you'
This was my fate

You did it in love
Just like I asked
You said 'I love you'
As I passed

~ Michelle Pope

1 comment:

eddy said...

as i read from top to bottom i thought to myself "great poem. how true". but when i read the poet's name i was a little shocked it was a girl. isn't it girls who usually do the shooting and us guys who get burried?