Monday, August 17, 2009

My affair gone public

It’s my first blog for two months. Exam and travelling kept me busy and then something else.

It started on pichle mahine ki 26 ko. I and my friend had the taste of marijuana @ home for the first time. Hindi department of the University campus used to be our hang out place for sutta. So it was an automatic choice for joint too. The place is quiet and full of greenery. One day we were sitting in shade at the road side. The road is not used often so there were not many people passing by. So we were smoking and enjoying, expecting no one is going to come here who knows us. After some sutta the joint was between my fingers when my friend whispered "Look who is coming." I swallowed the smoke at the sight of our neighborhood uncle. Uncle was riding pillion on some bike but thanks to the plants and trees we managed to dodge his sight. This was the time when ideally one should have left that place and gone somewhere else to finish the fag. But that’s not us. We finished the joint, got up and went to buy few more sutta. We knew that after a while he will be leaving the department soon and will be returning through that road only. But by that time were flying high and cared for nothing (one of many good things of marijuana or ganja).So we were back at our seats and started session-II. Inevitably the moment came when uncle returned and this time there were no green shield to guard us. He had a good look at us. May be at first he didn’t believe what he saw so he confirmed it by looking back at us repeatedly till we were out of his sight. After he was gone, we thought about what just happened. We panicked at first but after a whike felt relaxed thinking that he might be thinking that we were smoking when actually we were doing one step up. So, no problem.

After a couple of days uncle was at my house, and unfortunately I was at home so had to face him. Quite expectedly he brought up that issue and during some lighter talks he told my mom “I saw him hanging out with friends near the Hindi department” at this point I waited for the next words to come out of him as those were going to be the words which ruined my ideal boy image but seems he didn’t notice us with sutta and he added “that place is also known as Lovers Point, so you better ask him if he is seeing someone”. lol

While smoking joints I was content that even if someone sees us like this , just our smoking won’t be a secret anymore but never in my wildest dreams had I thought that this will be concluded out of my joint session.

Next day we had a good laugh.


eddy said...

hey are you sure that's all that was concluded? i mean you were seen at lover's point with a guy! maybe he concluded a lot more than you think!!!

vinit said...

lol .... may be .... but its better to be linked to a guy than to be with a girl of my town :D

but i rhink he was sure we were lining some girl(s) nearby.