Saturday, April 25, 2009

Highest Paid ........ but why?

Chennai S Kings y'day had snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against Delhi Devils. Flintoff and Morkel find theselves lucky that Hayden left thm alive after the match. Thnx to KKR n RR got to see a mach whre a team went down fighting.

Today when BRC were batting i was chatting with my friend. KP got out, being from B'lore my frnd felt sad and quipped "Highly played players are all". I told her not to say that for Flintoff  coz y'dat he played really well for Delhi Daredevils.
She added if thats the case than KP is playing well against all the teams. hehe
and finaly she concluded "Since they are performing in all the matches is that why they are highest paid.?"
It was casual talk but the question sounds serious.


eddy said...

beware ..... beware oh world...... here's someone who is going to redefine blogging. watch out coz now the pandora's box (his mind) is open

ashish said...

kasam god bless bloggers !!