Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Equation: Kothari-Sur-Vin Hypothesis

Today Rathi asked a ques : How long does it takes for a person to get over a relationship???

Me : Half of the time he/she had been in that relationship. x = t/2

Kothari : Divide it by the number of times he/she had been in a relationship before, practice makes a man perfect. x=t/2n

Sur : Taking into consideration the emotional quotient of various human being, a coefficient is incorporated hence x= e.t/(2n)

x= time taken to recover

e= emotional co-efficient

t= time spent in that relationship

n= no. of previous relationship

Me : Practice makes a MAN perfect so for women no need to divide it by n ? (Why do I have this tendency to drag humor in everything :P)

Now i realize its height of idleness. First deriving that equation and now writing a blog about it. I do need Help !!!

PS : Although any further research in this regard will be updated, it seems unlikely for two reasons 1. We have pissed Rathi already

2. New day, new nonsense :P

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Then and Now

Today on the occasion of republic day two stanzas are coming to mind.

One sung by our freedom fighters when they handed over the reigns of this nation to its people :

हम लाये हैं तूफ़ा से कश्ती निकाल के
इस देश को रखना मेरे बच्चों संभाल के

and then the other one my beloved nation is singing silently (..who knows may be with tears in eyes):

हमें तो अपनों ने लूटा गैरों में कहाँ दम था
मेरी कश्ती वही डूबी जहाँ पानी कम था

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Selfishly Meaningless

Life is meaningless, but only in the form that its being currently marketed. I certainly don't blame the consumers subscribing to that commodity, after all catering it to their door step is one hell of popular brand ambassador 'GOD'. Jesus Ram Allah etc are just variations to attract possible customers. As pepsi endorses sachin as well as beckham etc to appeal to different masses.
Life is not meaningless excercise/tympass to various creatures who are still living in harmony with nature.

Just today I had a little conversation with my friends' dad. Rising petrol prices was the headline in todays newspaper, as i read it I exclaimed "good, i hope it goes higher." He agreed with with me and wished petrol prices to go Rs. 1000/l , along with little moderation and government effort to promote renewable sources of energy. Poor Mother Nature !!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

An American Crime

I have just finished watching “An American Crime”. I was stoned for good few minutes after the credits started rolling. The night was never so silent for me recently. I was too shocked to even think something. Had it been a fiction the characters shown in the movie would have been more believable but it was a true story. Truth sometimes is really stranger than fiction. In this case it was shocking. Gut wrenching. Then the first thing I did was to search the case history on which the film is based on. I realize it only now that they have shown the evil but not in its true darkness. The makers mellowed it down. And still the movie is enough to shatter all notions of innocence and humanity.

In today’s world a picture has been so carefully put in front of us that women and children are the living examples of innocence. Have you seen innocence being described visually or being penned down in the shape of a man? If there are any they will be far and few. There is a beast within all of us. Years of thinking over and questioning the social design at least gave me a little head start in that regard. So, I never give anyone the benefit or disadvantage of doubt. Yet these 90 minutes were enough to have me think again. A must watch film for the riveting story it tells.

I was forced to write a blog, my second in space of just two days.