Friday, October 26, 2012

Why ?

So, like every other time he speeds up. Wind starts to flow past his ears like silk. The sight around him goes a little blur, just a little. Like a painting on calm water. a littlel shaken. (and then he even laughs at the pun "Martini, Shaken but not stirred!!"). Its perfect, but something is missing. Silence. So he kills the engine. The turf below is so smooth that it feels just like flying in the air like the birds with wings open idly staying still in the air. Momentum carries him forward- closer towards the edge of the cliff. No thoughts of hitting the brakes. After all its so perfect. No one should interrupt it. He lays still lost in thoughts.
But like every other time the brakes are applied. Like every other time he stops. and like every other times he returns trying to find out WHY ???

Monday, April 16, 2012


What is love?

To have watched Rahane bat.
The way he batted was like some one showed that true love can still conquer in the times of 'change' 'sponteinity' 'instinct'

( i used those words because its tough to degrade Love with words like 'Lust' 'Convenience' 'Compromise' 'Compatiblity' )

Thanx Rahane for this innings but more for proving many people right who believed in you long time ago.

What is love?

To have watched some one score a goal. Win a slam or a GP. To listen to music that free you from all misery. To have spent a night talking to your friends. To have jumped off a cliff and flown like a bird for few seconds (no thanks to human limitations) before your parachute opens. etc.

Sports, Games, Adventure. then Music, Movies, Arts, Nature (a drunkard me might hv missed a few)

I believe if someone says he/she loves 'some one' then that some one should accept that love. Any one who devotes time on things/people other than those few things mentioned above does not deserve to get deprived (that soul is already deprived of so many things :P )

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A cruelty so ceremonially Arranged !

The place where I have my joints is a playground. Elderly people also come there for evening walk. There I saw this old man daily. He must have started coming recently because I recognize all the familiar faces. Watching people from a distance that too after being high, Oh! so amazing. I don't know what but something told me he is coming there because he has got nothing else to do. May be he reminded me of some one I once knew personally. I came back and then thought of him. May be his wife died recently, well I hope not and certainly wish not but it was a possibility. And then I realized, if two souls got married, exchanged the vows and stood by it. Ideally this is what going to happen :
Their lives will change. Call it love or compromise or just plain humanity they will get all attached and dependent on each other. Love of a different kind. Then a day will come when one of the two will die. The pain of loosing some one you loved all your life is something 26 alphabets cant describe. What the hell that one person alone in this mad crazy world is going to do now? Eventually he/she will succumb too. But it will not be like movies where both depart together. One will have to suffer the longing for a while, may be years. To make matter worse the one person who was the strength which was right beside all along until then will be no more to help. So, why society is so hell bend on punishing some one with such a term. Yeah, I remember 'City of Angels' where Cage says "I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it." But he was in Love.
There are people who are neither in love nor willing to be.
Most of these people are gonna get screwed !

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Y'day night's dream (I hope it's not some kind of premonition):
I'm about to die and have been granted one last wish. One thing in my life I've never been away from is Friends. Never. Even when I was far off thousands of miles away at least one of them has always been there. So, my instant reply was for permission to bring at least one friend along with me? Till this it was going smooth. Sound sleep.But then the tension of 'whom to pick' woke me up.
Those whom I love make my moments memorable but how can I wish for their death just so to have a nice time. Those who are not good company have also not done something that bad to deserve double punishment. First to die and then to get bored with me.
Cursed Love !!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Return

My brother is home. So guess what the WWE season is on. With nothing to do I sometimes sit with him to watch few episodes. 'The wrestler' movie has a big push in driving me back to WWE. After reading an article on current captaincy scenario in cricket Australia as ponting is returning at helm ahead of David Warner right now I'm watching the return of "The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels.
HHH is in the ring to welcome him . What they are conversing on the stage is awesome. Doesnt matter scripted or not. Its like the time when a wild friend returns to wild and finds his best friend now all changed. HHH refused to fight The Undertaker. So for HBK now he is a coward. Still, wild HBK can't understand what is going through HHH's head. HHH tells him that by refusing to fight he is keeping the bussiness alive and for HBK its something he just cant understand. The ring was their life. They are what they are because of what they did in the ring but now HHH is content to give up that life. HBK just cant fathom how is he managing to do that. to give it up all. Never thought on a WWE stage I will see such tussle. Ah! the never ending war between 'giving up you Life' to have a secured life.
If one dosen't bother going into the debate who will win if they fight, what tribute HHH pays to The Undertaker. The undertaker is business because people love him and keeping his aura alive is his job now. But whats worrying him more is that defeating Undertaker will mean an end to an era. The era where men fought like men. His era. HBK's era.
In other sports/entertainments I followed also, in almost everything, an era is coming to an end.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

बात ही कुछ और थी

तुम्हारे आने की आहट से मेरे गम के जाने की
बात ही कुछ और थी |
तुम्हारी हंसी से कली के खिलने की
बात ही कुछ और थी |
तुम्हारी याद भर से मेरे मुस्कुराने की
बात ही कुछ और थी |
किसी के लिए दुनिया से लड़ने की
बात ही कुछ और थी |
दो पल की भी दुरी न सह पाने की
बात ही कुछ और थी |

लेकिन सब भूल कर,
मुझे अंधेरों में छोड़ कर
तुम्हारे यूँ ही चले जाने की
क्या बताये कि वो रात ही कुछ और थी |

Friday, January 13, 2012


Yeah, love is a beautiful feeling. It has got all the rights to be so. So much of happiness, joy and not even a moment of loneliness. You are flying high like birds, hands having replaced by wings and doing a tango or salsa with your friend. But to feel that you need to fly in your dreams.
I cant fly, sorry, i cant. Not even in my dreams. So what shall I do now.
Fall in love with someone's happiness. May be I was designed to feel like that. The moment when bird sees the partner flying alongside, if they have tears in their eyes then believe me I feel the same warmth when I see someone fly immaterial of I'm watching it from the ground because I cant fly.
I can only escape !!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

.. who cares if it did not win even a single oscar

Although its a movie about a cop chasing a criminal, the two focal characters are beyond the judgment of good bad evil. No matter what they are doing, how or with whom, I am not experienced, qualified or arrogant enough to pass a judgment on their actions. They believe in their karma and they are following it. If people whose lives they are touching can accommodate them good otherwise these two will let them go. One is doing it slowly and the other is prepared to do it instantly and he did so when it was time. To them purpose of life is not to just be born, populate and then die not knowing or feeling what they wasted their lives for. So pure is their pursuit that other emotions can confuse people. eg Love. They will not stop for their loved ones but their love is pure. Its a life story of two monks, who kill people, love a woman , get angry too.
Conjuring up two of the strongest characters ever to be portrayed on silver screen is a feat in itself. Hats off to Michel Mann for accommodating them in one story. In my opinion if you ask De Niro or Pacino if they want to switch their roles, they would happily do it, such is the equilibrium. Music one of the best ever. Breathtaking scenes. Some unforgettable dialog. When the movie starts look at the name of cast carefully, you will hardly find an actor/ actress as talented as Portman getting his/her mention after a dozen. Non of them out of place, non of them without taking the movie forward. Its like an art having numerous dimensions everybody will look at it differently. Its drama. Its thriller. Its love story. Its Action. I have seen it hundreds of times and yet I find this movie an endless space of brilliance. The discovery continues.
~ it was long overdue.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Love is Suicide ?

Love is a war. Lovers have to fight many a fights to come victorious. Sometimes loosing for long make people weak and they give up midway. But what the beauty of love is you can loose all these little battles but if you get up and fight again pursue what you believe in you will ultimately get the final victory. Victory that matters. Same goes with suicide. You might fail. Again and again and again. But if you are dedicated enough you will win at the end. You need to win just once ;) So, although some people say Love is Suicide and they have their reasons.

I believe Suicide is Love.