Friday, May 1, 2009

Good luck Mexico!

Swine flu !!!!!!!!

Frankly speaking I had never heard about this epidemic before. My never falling sick, in my memory, has made me a little over-confident and I still don't know what this disease is all bout or its symptoms and cure or precaution. But still I am scared. Scared for her

Mexico has been the worst hit Country as of now. I feel sorry for the people of Mexico. So friendly, so welcoming.They try their best to make you feel at home. Salina Cruz was the city I visited there.

Its not developed enough to be compared to the metros of India but has all the necessary infrastructure and entertainment facilities. Going to the FOR-EX to get Mexican pesos was the best start I could have. We got almost 10 Pesos for 1 USD and the count of currency going 10 times is always welcome.

The memories of me sitting with my colleagues is so clear that it still seems to have happened only few weeks away. Not being an English colony, English speaking people are very rare there. 3 months of my Spanish classes did help me a bit but still it was their eagrness to help us made our time more enjoyable. Drinking beer till loosing my senses was amazing. I didn't have much time to see monuments or places so the beer spree was the almost all that made my leave their memorable. Well i said almost....

Latinas are certainly one of the most beautiful girls in the world. I had to buy accessories so went to a mobile shop. But i didn't buy any thing. That girl in the Mobile shop talking to me endlessly and we not understanding a single word, b'coz I was not listening to, or rather I should say was not able to listen to what she was saying. That was the only thing that happened there, exchange of names and greeting were some of the things that went as they should.

Standing there I was running out of adjectives to describe how beautiful she was. And then I came to the conclusion that "Not only my Spanish but my English is also pathetic !!

Señorita!! Deseo que usted sea seguro y sonriente, la manera que usted todavía sonríe en mis memorias.

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