Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who is to blame?

I broke my lappy few days back. .. thats a different topic will talk about that later.nothing to do so i was surfing the tv channels at the strike of hour AAJ TAK was showing temperatures of various capital cities of Indian states. The mercury dipping like anything made me go curious to know the temp and sufferings of my fellow countrymen. But at the end of the minutes long graphics was shocked and angry and disgusted. well disgust is something that usually comes after watchng any news channel, but this time the reason was something different.
The bloody channel showed temperature of Guwahati and then came down south to Kolkata. Now when China clams Arunachal P to be their territory then what different are these people doing? I was shocked to see that these news channel dont even consider showing the temperature of the NE states.And the next time China claims some Indian state to be theirs then watch out for the same channels crying their lungs out.
Hypocrite Bastards !!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lesson Revised

End of day three, Pakistan had Australia under their heels bleeding. On day four the test match ended but it was Australians who were seen having the last laugh. It was only the 5th time that a team trailing by more than 200 runs have come victorious, and Australians truly deserved to be one of those teams.While watching an Aus Vs Pak test match I was thinking of Saurav Ganguly. Any one can win a couple of days of battle with the Australians, but very few had the will to go on to win the war. Dada was one such warrior.Even today when I look at the beaming members of team India I always see an invisible face in background. A smiling Saurav Ganguly.
The man who taught us how to win when we are supposed to, and also quite a few times how to win when we were not supposed to.Pakistan lost a match not for the lack of skill or talent. The men who are good enough to have the opponent on the mat are equally capable of winning, but for the determination and belief. Pakistan lacked that, at least nowadays they do. I missed Dada the day India was crowned No. 1 in test ranking. And even today I remembered him. I am thankful that one of the finest leader once led a pack of few of my countrymen. A team in which very few supporters truly believed. Actually those who didn't believe can't be termed supporters. So i will rephrase- He led a team which had very few 'supporters'.
Thank you Dada, for the memories, for the victories, for giving team India a lot more supporters.But above all thank you for a live demonstration of so valuable a lesson 'Belief'.