Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why ?

Why do people write blogs?I don’t know the answer. But to look simply there can only be 2 reasons.
1.To say something about yourselves,
2.To say something about others.
I don’t know why I started writing mine. Now, to the point. I m writing this blog of mine after a gap of I don't know how long ( because I don’t want to check the last post's time and day , please pardon me. **)
** The above pardon is written, if someone actually read the crap I write.
Now, about my self. I am searching for a website or some data storage place where I can put down my pondering and wondering in writing or in media understable by the human race. Well that’s easy, some one will think, there are lots of solutions. But the problem is I want that to get to the concerned people after some time. Like a future date is mentioned only after that day media will be made known. Not that I have something to confess. Then why?
Now comes the second point : about others. There are things I wanna say to people concerned to me or related to me and likewise. Again, why I cant say those things to them now only. Its my idea and/or way of thinking. I don’t praise people in front of them. And I have nothing to say against anyone. So, that’s the only answer to the “why?”. So I am still searching for that place.
After finishing this blog, I did a revision. So then I realized I had missed something.


eddy said...

i don't know about others but i eagerly wait for you to write something on your blog. i also felt like i had nothing to say but now i blog quite a lot.
why do you want to send a message into the future? i hope it's not some sort of message from the otherside sort of stuff.
waise for your knowledge some egreeting sites let you send greetings at some date in the future.

rohit said...

we blog coz sometimes its best to talk to ourselves!!