Thursday, January 5, 2012

.. who cares if it did not win even a single oscar

Although its a movie about a cop chasing a criminal, the two focal characters are beyond the judgment of good bad evil. No matter what they are doing, how or with whom, I am not experienced, qualified or arrogant enough to pass a judgment on their actions. They believe in their karma and they are following it. If people whose lives they are touching can accommodate them good otherwise these two will let them go. One is doing it slowly and the other is prepared to do it instantly and he did so when it was time. To them purpose of life is not to just be born, populate and then die not knowing or feeling what they wasted their lives for. So pure is their pursuit that other emotions can confuse people. eg Love. They will not stop for their loved ones but their love is pure. Its a life story of two monks, who kill people, love a woman , get angry too.
Conjuring up two of the strongest characters ever to be portrayed on silver screen is a feat in itself. Hats off to Michel Mann for accommodating them in one story. In my opinion if you ask De Niro or Pacino if they want to switch their roles, they would happily do it, such is the equilibrium. Music one of the best ever. Breathtaking scenes. Some unforgettable dialog. When the movie starts look at the name of cast carefully, you will hardly find an actor/ actress as talented as Portman getting his/her mention after a dozen. Non of them out of place, non of them without taking the movie forward. Its like an art having numerous dimensions everybody will look at it differently. Its drama. Its thriller. Its love story. Its Action. I have seen it hundreds of times and yet I find this movie an endless space of brilliance. The discovery continues.
~ it was long overdue.


rohit said...

so finally the cat's out of the box. really wondering why did it take u so long.

eddy said...

sounds great. must watch.