Friday, October 26, 2012

Why ?

So, like every other time he speeds up. Wind starts to flow past his ears like silk. The sight around him goes a little blur, just a little. Like a painting on calm water. a littlel shaken. (and then he even laughs at the pun "Martini, Shaken but not stirred!!"). Its perfect, but something is missing. Silence. So he kills the engine. The turf below is so smooth that it feels just like flying in the air like the birds with wings open idly staying still in the air. Momentum carries him forward- closer towards the edge of the cliff. No thoughts of hitting the brakes. After all its so perfect. No one should interrupt it. He lays still lost in thoughts.
But like every other time the brakes are applied. Like every other time he stops. and like every other times he returns trying to find out WHY ???

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