Saturday, March 3, 2012

A cruelty so ceremonially Arranged !

The place where I have my joints is a playground. Elderly people also come there for evening walk. There I saw this old man daily. He must have started coming recently because I recognize all the familiar faces. Watching people from a distance that too after being high, Oh! so amazing. I don't know what but something told me he is coming there because he has got nothing else to do. May be he reminded me of some one I once knew personally. I came back and then thought of him. May be his wife died recently, well I hope not and certainly wish not but it was a possibility. And then I realized, if two souls got married, exchanged the vows and stood by it. Ideally this is what going to happen :
Their lives will change. Call it love or compromise or just plain humanity they will get all attached and dependent on each other. Love of a different kind. Then a day will come when one of the two will die. The pain of loosing some one you loved all your life is something 26 alphabets cant describe. What the hell that one person alone in this mad crazy world is going to do now? Eventually he/she will succumb too. But it will not be like movies where both depart together. One will have to suffer the longing for a while, may be years. To make matter worse the one person who was the strength which was right beside all along until then will be no more to help. So, why society is so hell bend on punishing some one with such a term. Yeah, I remember 'City of Angels' where Cage says "I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it." But he was in Love.
There are people who are neither in love nor willing to be.
Most of these people are gonna get screwed !


eddy said...

i agree with the post but it got me thinking about love and on a different note; have you noticed how all our love stories are sad. most of them have sad endings but some of them have sadness of separation and in the end the two lovers meet but they never continue the story. why isn't there a story where two people meet and fall in love and there is no drama and sadness and they live their whole life together being happy. i guess a story without sadness would be hard to relate to and also the happiness won't mean anything unless we know that the two characters had been sad. what would you chose? a happy life with a sad ending or a sad life with a happy ending?

vinit said...

My love story with Marijuana is a sad story as well. I have to leave her for months just so i can earn money to have her back.
I am content and happy with this separation and meeting routine. This love story can have only happy ending. People still want to get some girl interfering with my life. If i had fallen in love with some one i would have accepted a few days of separation for a lifelong happiness but they just don't understand this.
What to do?