Monday, April 16, 2012


What is love?

To have watched Rahane bat.
The way he batted was like some one showed that true love can still conquer in the times of 'change' 'sponteinity' 'instinct'

( i used those words because its tough to degrade Love with words like 'Lust' 'Convenience' 'Compromise' 'Compatiblity' )

Thanx Rahane for this innings but more for proving many people right who believed in you long time ago.

What is love?

To have watched some one score a goal. Win a slam or a GP. To listen to music that free you from all misery. To have spent a night talking to your friends. To have jumped off a cliff and flown like a bird for few seconds (no thanks to human limitations) before your parachute opens. etc.

Sports, Games, Adventure. then Music, Movies, Arts, Nature (a drunkard me might hv missed a few)

I believe if someone says he/she loves 'some one' then that some one should accept that love. Any one who devotes time on things/people other than those few things mentioned above does not deserve to get deprived (that soul is already deprived of so many things :P )

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