Sunday, February 27, 2011

When we loose it off the field

I have very little regard for the English team, so I would not have accepted anything less than win when the match started. But I take heart from what India did in closing minutes of the game. I am disappointed why Dhoni did not attack more when he had a cushion of 338 runs. I am disappointed the way we fielded. I am disappointed the way we bowled. But I am proud of they way we fought back.

As England were cruising at 280-2 in 42 overs (needing 59 from 48 balls with power play left) I saw few spectators , those who think they are Indian fans, leaving the stadium. I put my agony in words and sent an sms to pagla jha : "Champ league 2005 final HT liverpool 0-3 down, still their fans blvd in their team, n in d end they won. y’day Slankan fans stayed d end even when defeat was sure. v as fans r as bad as our bowling n fielding"

As I pressed the send key, Bell got out and Strauss followed. With lots of twists and turns India managed to Tie the match.

And when I say ‘We’ it includes only those who stood their ground. When I see people leaving I get this picture in my mind where those people are running away from fights in life when chips are down. They either feel uncomfortable or stressed or i don't know what. So Cheating, bribing to get out of tricky situations because unlike cricket these deeds might go unnoticed. In the game of life the TV umpire is a tool of those who play the game. Few will say they left early because they wanted to avoid the traffic after the completion of the match. Well sir, you should have better stayed in the comfort of your home and watched the match on big screen TV, that way you would have avoided the traffic as well as the pollution you suffered while coming to the stadium. Anyway it’s a democracy, people have right to do what they want, as long as its not unlawful. And not believing in your team is neither a cardinal sin nor illegal. So go home. Live your lives and someday tell your sons and grandchildren that you were there to watch this epic encounter. Get the ticket of today’s match framed.

And I, the Idiot that I am, still hope for the day when we grow up as fans. I hope Cricket becomes a sports someday, for religion is too easy to be twisted by man for his own whims and fancies. I hope we learn lessons from what we see on the field. I hope we stand our ground and have the belief in ourselves and others. And I am going to watch the CL 2005 Final match, again.

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