Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Equation: Kothari-Sur-Vin Hypothesis

Today Rathi asked a ques : How long does it takes for a person to get over a relationship???

Me : Half of the time he/she had been in that relationship. x = t/2

Kothari : Divide it by the number of times he/she had been in a relationship before, practice makes a man perfect. x=t/2n

Sur : Taking into consideration the emotional quotient of various human being, a coefficient is incorporated hence x= e.t/(2n)

x= time taken to recover

e= emotional co-efficient

t= time spent in that relationship

n= no. of previous relationship

Me : Practice makes a MAN perfect so for women no need to divide it by n ? (Why do I have this tendency to drag humor in everything :P)

Now i realize its height of idleness. First deriving that equation and now writing a blog about it. I do need Help !!!

PS : Although any further research in this regard will be updated, it seems unlikely for two reasons 1. We have pissed Rathi already

2. New day, new nonsense :P

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