Sunday, January 16, 2011

Selfishly Meaningless

Life is meaningless, but only in the form that its being currently marketed. I certainly don't blame the consumers subscribing to that commodity, after all catering it to their door step is one hell of popular brand ambassador 'GOD'. Jesus Ram Allah etc are just variations to attract possible customers. As pepsi endorses sachin as well as beckham etc to appeal to different masses.
Life is not meaningless excercise/tympass to various creatures who are still living in harmony with nature.

Just today I had a little conversation with my friends' dad. Rising petrol prices was the headline in todays newspaper, as i read it I exclaimed "good, i hope it goes higher." He agreed with with me and wished petrol prices to go Rs. 1000/l , along with little moderation and government effort to promote renewable sources of energy. Poor Mother Nature !!