Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Wrestler

I used to follow wrestling in my teens but slowly the interest faded because of the drama wrestlers of today are putting, or being told to put in the ring. They have made wrestling a soap opera. I remember once talking to friends and saying “Is ekta kapoor directing the shows or what? “ I still make fun of my brother who is a wrestling fanatic. I can’t even imagine myself watching even 5 minutes of those shows. And such a guy says Wrestler is a must watch.

What magnificent portrayal of the life. As for the direction and details the films opens up the world of professional wrestling for the viewers, but it never ridicule what they do. What make the movie worth watching are the emotions that the viewer has to wrestle through. The film depicts the life of an aging superstar with such mastery that your heart goes out for him.

I see no one doing justice to that role other than Mickey Rourke. Not even close. Certainly and by far his best performance. If they start making scripts like this for a star’s comeback many dead will be willing to come out of their graves. One of my favorites. Not just its better than Rocky its one of the best sports movies that I have seen and I have seen many ;)

P.S. No more making fun of my bro.

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eddy said...

saw this movie one boring sunday afternoon on zee studio. awesome direction. the documentary style is the best way to shoot a movie like this one. about the wrestling thing, i still follow wrestling and even though i agree that the drama has increased now a days but still i love it. it's like a live action series on tv. and the actors are atheletes and do their own stunts and don't get retakes. it's awesome entertainment according to me.