Friday, December 31, 2010

...but the memory remains

The best decade of my short life and I am pretty sure at the end it will be surely up there as the best periods of my life. The horrendous 90s and the century and millennium had just ended. I was falling in love for the first time. Ranchi, my first love gave me wings to fly. Pepsi and chocolates had given way to movies and card games all night. I was a nocturnal by the time I finished my school. Delhi was a nice fling, memorable for the ups and downs. Then I went through undoubtedly the best 4 years of my life when I made friends for life. Stumbled a lot learnt even more for my friends were stumbling and falling too once in a while. Aug 04 and Sid committed one of the gravest mistakes of his life as I tasted Rum. Come Jan 05 I too committed the biggest mistake of my life as I tasted cigarette. Reading books, internet, Metallica and Rock casted an everlasting spell on me. 06 when the nation was about to wake up to celebrate its 60thindependence day I as almost in jail. I got a girlfriend in Alcohol and a wife in dope. When I had money in my pocket I spent it on my girlfriend but my wife was always there to take care of a broke me. She loved me for all my failings and I loved her as much. But as all good things come to an end I finished my college and survived the agony of the last day with all my mates. Kolkata the place where I came alone and left with relations thicker than blood. Academically it was to be the formatting decade of my life. I was supposed to waste all these years learning how to waste the rest of my life. “Magar yeh to koi na jane ke meri manzil hai kahan” ;)

Last decade started with this song and this decade made me realize that nobody means even I myself don’t know the answer. May the new decade bring me the light to the path where I am destined.

Adios amigo.

At the end a dedication to Steffi Graf:

य़ू तो हसीनों के महजबीनों के
होते हैं रोज नज़ारे
पर उन्हें देख के देखा है जब तुम्हे
तुम लगे और भी प्यारे |


eddy said...

in a way this decade was the first decade of our lives coz i too felt for the first time like an era had ended and a new one was starting. before 2000 we were too young to think in terms of decades, i guess just too young to think about time itself in that way. i'm sure the second decade of our lives will also be full of adventures of a different kind as we stumble across the maze in which people run this rat race.

vinit said...

rat race . lol