Sunday, February 19, 2012


Y'day night's dream (I hope it's not some kind of premonition):
I'm about to die and have been granted one last wish. One thing in my life I've never been away from is Friends. Never. Even when I was far off thousands of miles away at least one of them has always been there. So, my instant reply was for permission to bring at least one friend along with me? Till this it was going smooth. Sound sleep.But then the tension of 'whom to pick' woke me up.
Those whom I love make my moments memorable but how can I wish for their death just so to have a nice time. Those who are not good company have also not done something that bad to deserve double punishment. First to die and then to get bored with me.
Cursed Love !!!

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eddy said...

i thought your last wish would be that marijuana be legalized in every country. that way you'd sacrifice your life for the benefit of humankind. of course it would totally suck to die just before it is legalized all over!