Friday, January 13, 2012


Yeah, love is a beautiful feeling. It has got all the rights to be so. So much of happiness, joy and not even a moment of loneliness. You are flying high like birds, hands having replaced by wings and doing a tango or salsa with your friend. But to feel that you need to fly in your dreams.
I cant fly, sorry, i cant. Not even in my dreams. So what shall I do now.
Fall in love with someone's happiness. May be I was designed to feel like that. The moment when bird sees the partner flying alongside, if they have tears in their eyes then believe me I feel the same warmth when I see someone fly immaterial of I'm watching it from the ground because I cant fly.
I can only escape !!!!

1 comment:

eddy said...

Love; you elusive woman
shining beautiful like the moon
after filling my heart with your rays
why did you have to leave so soon?