Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Return

My brother is home. So guess what the WWE season is on. With nothing to do I sometimes sit with him to watch few episodes. 'The wrestler' movie has a big push in driving me back to WWE. After reading an article on current captaincy scenario in cricket Australia as ponting is returning at helm ahead of David Warner right now I'm watching the return of "The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels.
HHH is in the ring to welcome him . What they are conversing on the stage is awesome. Doesnt matter scripted or not. Its like the time when a wild friend returns to wild and finds his best friend now all changed. HHH refused to fight The Undertaker. So for HBK now he is a coward. Still, wild HBK can't understand what is going through HHH's head. HHH tells him that by refusing to fight he is keeping the bussiness alive and for HBK its something he just cant understand. The ring was their life. They are what they are because of what they did in the ring but now HHH is content to give up that life. HBK just cant fathom how is he managing to do that. to give it up all. Never thought on a WWE stage I will see such tussle. Ah! the never ending war between 'giving up you Life' to have a secured life.
If one dosen't bother going into the debate who will win if they fight, what tribute HHH pays to The Undertaker. The undertaker is business because people love him and keeping his aura alive is his job now. But whats worrying him more is that defeating Undertaker will mean an end to an era. The era where men fought like men. His era. HBK's era.
In other sports/entertainments I followed also, in almost everything, an era is coming to an end.


eddy said...

oh yeah it's great. there is going to be an undertaker match at wrestlemania no matter what or against whom. could be either HHH or HBK. and of course cena vs rock. i never gave up on wrestling. people say that they don't watch wrestling coz it's fake. then they must be really bored coz they can't watch movies, serials etc. reality shows are also fake and so only the news is real and they must be watching only that. WWE is better than movies. these guys have to act live like theater, do their own stunts, look great all the time, follow choreography like dancers and improvise when something goes wrong. the story lines have gotten much more unpredictable now and it's all the more fun. if anyone wants to find out how hard it is to put up a good wrestling show, they should just watch one episode of ring ka king on colors. and thus this comment is in itself a blog post!

vinit said...

you start learning when movies are much more than entertainment. The Wrestler showed me a wrestling is not just about the fight in thee ring, its the livelihood for many wrestlers and for a few its their life.

Wrestlmania = undertaker. I think HK is back to replace HHH in that showdown.
If my bro comes to know that i discuss WWE on internet, he will say very good now discuss it with me too and then wo kaan paka dega :P