Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who is to blame?

I broke my lappy few days back. .. thats a different topic will talk about that later.nothing to do so i was surfing the tv channels at the strike of hour AAJ TAK was showing temperatures of various capital cities of Indian states. The mercury dipping like anything made me go curious to know the temp and sufferings of my fellow countrymen. But at the end of the minutes long graphics was shocked and angry and disgusted. well disgust is something that usually comes after watchng any news channel, but this time the reason was something different.
The bloody channel showed temperature of Guwahati and then came down south to Kolkata. Now when China clams Arunachal P to be their territory then what different are these people doing? I was shocked to see that these news channel dont even consider showing the temperature of the NE states.And the next time China claims some Indian state to be theirs then watch out for the same channels crying their lungs out.
Hypocrite Bastards !!!!!

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